Capturing true joy by Kate Dwyer

Taking photos of local nippers (young surf-life-savers-in-training) practicing rescue board skills in the calm waters of the Camden Haven River recently was a chance to capture true joy.

Some of the children were a little apprehensive and unsure of their ability to navigate the boards. With the senior lifeguards instructing, the nerves turned to smiles and visibly growing confidence.

Blending into the background to take photographs when the subject's focus is in-the-moment is a privilege. What's captured is 100% truth. Happy, nervous, sadness (although no sadness on this particular day), any emotion is conveyed so much more authentically.

When it comes to taking posed, formal shots - I feel a bit meh. But getting among the action, in a quiet way behind the lens, is so much fun!

Get in touch if you'd like me to capture your event.


Truth sells by Kate Dwyer

I'm working on a marketing campaign for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council's economic development team and what an eye-opener it is to the power of truth

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The power to divide the country by Kate Dwyer

Words incite the extremes of love and hate; can ignite war or inspire peace. Since words were first documented, their effect can be felt throughout history. Right now, the volume of words on various platforms is amplified by opinion and sensationalism, with little accurate analysis or understanding.

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Old-school needs to be the only school by Kate Dwyer

Do u txt speak? Nothing wrong with it, probs, until you get a LOL from, say, a co-worker thinking it means 'lots of love' when they really meant 'laugh out loud' (awks!), or someone sends you a message ending with FTW, and you think it means 'for the win' when in actual fact they meant 'f--k the world'.

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Good Copy matters by Kate Dwyer

When building our house we Googled local kitchen manufacturers. Bad move, apparently, if you judge a good business by their website.

One company's first line boasted: "Why buy a flat pack kitchen???When you could have one built for about the same price without all the hassle. see news page for details." Three question marks in what should be the middle of a sentence; no capital to kick-off the last sentence. And that was just page one.

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