It all started when…

A nine-year-old girl found out she could make a living writing stories. Coolest. Job. Ever. 

After 18 years in the journalism biz, travel, a husband, three children, a couple of dogs, a free cat, a bird and I don't know how many goldfish, I wanted more time to explore. It was time to get flexible (spend more soul-cleansing time at the beach), refocus and build a new career at an office which may or may not have a sandy floor some days .

I still want to play with words. They're fun or serious, sad or enlightening, powerful, meaningful, informative and far-reaching. Words can spark action.

I love helping entrepreneurs, business people, and anyone with a story to tell. I like delving deep into what makes your world turn, so that together we can find the right words for your brand, your vision, your intentions.

I'm based in Laurieton, just south of Port Macquarie on the NSW Mid North Coast (and loving it).

Trust my experience in writing clean, smart, engaging copy and content for your business, website, media campaigns, write a script for your next television/radio/online video/ speech, ghostwrite your book, or editing and proofreading your copy to ensure accuracy and engagement with the reader.

Team Dwyer

Team Dwyer